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"Wow! CB Accountant allows me to easily keep track of all my Clickbank accounts and sales. It's great being able to see all my data in one place. My favorite part is being able to change the information to bar and pie charts. You won't really know how to improve your business until you see it in is this light."

Larry Dotson

"If you are serious about selling with ClickBank either as a vendor or affiliate you MUST have a way of getting at and analysing your sales data.

CB Accountant is the ideal tool for getting both the detail of every sale made as well as the overview of your ClickBank business so that you can see the trends in vital areas such as your paycheck reports, sales reports and top performing affiliates.

There's also a neat facility to contact your customers with personalised messages. If you realize the importance of customer follow up then that feature alone should persuade you to purchase CB Accountant."

Harvey Segal

What You get when you purchase CB Accountant

"Amazing New Tool Takes Over Where Clickbank™ Leaves Off... To Give You an Unbeatable Advantage Over Other Merchants and Affiliates Who Lack This Critical Data!"

"If You're Relying On Normal Clickbank™ Stats, Then You'll Be Astonished At The Profits and Saved Time You're Missing Out On!"


- Rod Beckwith


ClickBank Accountant is a clickbank affiliate and merchant management and accounting tool to give you the vital statistics required to run a successful Clickbank business.

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    Main features

  • Get a quick picture of how well your products are performing in one central place so you can keep track of where you need to focus your efforts for the most profits.
  • Find-out what countries your customers are coming from so you can make smart decisions about where your advertising dollars are spent.
  • Analyze what each of your products are likely to produce and the risk of refunds for the future so you don’t waste a second longer than you have to on promoting a dud.
  • Allows you to follow-up with your customers to bring in new sales.
  • Shows you who your top selling affiliates are so you can secure stronger.
  • Emails customers with the click of a button using your built-in email system.
  • Auto-updates all of your accounts into the software as often as you want.
  • Gives you the ability to back-up all of your account data for safe keeping using export feature.

Best of all, this solution is completely automated.
Enter your account information once and you never have to input anything else again! It's no exaggeration to say that you're going to save countless hours of time and effort each week (time you can be using to make more cash instead).

What's even more... you're also getting figures and statistics that are impossible to extract manually - this gives you an unbeatable advantage over your competition because you have valuable information they're missing out on.

The bottom line is... you're getting a constant analysis of your business at all times. So, you can use that data to make intelligent decisions moving forward and take your business to the next level... in profits and efficiency! - find out more about this new software!