Anywidget LLC was founded in 1995 by successful entrepreneur Rod Beckwith to create innovative new products and services to make consumer’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and profitable.


CB Accountant

A clickbank affiliate and merchant management and accounting tool to give you the vital statistics required to run a successful Clickbank business.

Main features

1.Get a quick picture of how well your products are performing in one central place so you can keep track of where you need to focus your efforts for the most profits.
2. Find-out what countries your customers are coming from so you can make smart decisions about where your advertising dollars are spent.

Misspelled Keywords

Get a piece of the up to 10% of estimated misspelled searches hardly anybody is paying attention to with this misspelled keyword generation software.

Main features

1.Generate every possible misspelled variation of keywords for up to tens of thousands new keywords.
2. Identify the most important misspelled keywords in minutes with the ability to lookup the amount of searches taking place on Overture for each keyword.

Domain Suggestion Tool

Send loads of highly-targeted traffic to your site with this underground tactic few people know exists.

Main features

1.Uncover an unlimited number of high traffic domains to increase your traffic and revenue.
2. Get traffic from some of the most hotly desired keywords in your marketplace.
3. Identify in minutes if one of these top-trafficked domain names is registered or available for you to purchase.



Software Defender

Increase your sales by protecting your digital photos, e-books, software, and other products from theft.

Main features

1. Protect PDF, ZIP, EXE, and any other type of digital information in 5 quick and easy steps.
2. Use it with any payment processors including, Clickbank, Paypal, 2Checkout, or your own merchant account.

URL Redirect

Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together?  

Main features

Shorten your long URLs to increase the amount of people clicking through to your website from your emails.


Think and Grow Rich

Get your hands on the classic that countless millionaires and many of the most successful people to live attribute a large part of their success to. Plus, pick-up over eight special bonuses to make your copy even more valuable..

Main features

1.Discover the secrets to success of the most successful people in the world.
2.Find-out how to not just set goals, but the secrets to actually achieving them.
3. Why these secrets to success work for everybody and are certain to succeed for you.

Play Better Golf Using Self Hypnosis

Conquer the mental aspects of the game for more consistent games using the power of simple self-hypnosis techniques.

Main features

1.Overcome roadblocks in your game you’ve been stuck at for an immediate improvement everybody will notice.
2. Never have an embarrassing bad game again because you now have a secret weapon to get out of a rut.
3. Never have an embarrassing bad game again because you now have a secret weapon to get out of a rut.

Secrets of the JV Masters

Uncover the secrets to creating successful joint ventures from experts who’ve generated millions of dollars in sales.

Main features

1.Discover how to get highly sought after business partners to join forces with you to almost guarantee your product is a success.
2. Position yourself in the most effective way so you rake-in the most amount of money possible out of every deal you create.
3. Step-by-step information to transform you into a joint venture expert.

Explode Your Traffic

Increase your traffic using one of the most overlooked and powerful traffic sources of expired domain names.

Main features

1.Discover the secrets of how a man turned $8.95 into a $100,000 per day cash cow and how anybody can replicate his success.
2. Learn how you can grab-up high-trafficked expired domain names related to your product or service so you increase sales.
3. Find-out how to profit from expired domain names once you’ve found a good one.

Richest People Directory

Get contact information and a step-by-step system to get grants, jobs, internships, and partnerships from the richest 478 people in the world.

Main features

1.Access a total of over $1.4 trillion dollars using a practical system anybody can use to join the world of the rich.
2. Discover the story of a small business owner who secured countless millions of dollars in new sales by winning the attention of Bill Gates directly.
3. Learn the psychology of what makes the world’s richest people tick so you know exactly how to contact them and get a favorable response.

Free Stuff

Free Header

Generate sales-increasing header graphics with a few clicks of a button and without knowing anything about graphic design. 

Free Header

Generate sales-increasing header graphics with a few clicks of a button and without knowing anything about graphic design.

Keyword Bird

Quickly and easily create lists of hot keywords for your pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and other online advertising ventures. 

Main features

1. Locate valuable keywords from Top Search Engines like Google and Overture.
2. Deternine which keywords are worth using by showing monthly hit counts.
3. Find your Link Popularity in the major search engines like, Google, Altavista and MSN.
4. You can even see your Alexa popularity in seconds.
5. There is also a FREE long term keyword report from Wordtracker built right in!

Coming Soon

CB Affiliate Manager

Easily run and manage an effective affiliate program to dominate the Clickbank marketplace and skyrocket your sales.

Main features

1.More easily manage your affiliates and keep them motivated to send you traffic.
2. Create an affiliate toolbox inside the system to make promoting your products easy so affiliates can quickly rack-up huge sales.
3. Gain an advantage over the competition because you have a large percentage of your affiliates actively promoting your products.

Misspelled Domains

Join the next wave of expired domain name profits with this tool to identify high-trafficked misspelled expired domain names.

Main features

1.Uncover large amounts of profitable, yet practically untouched expired domain names to send a surge of targeted traffic to your websites.
2. Identify the misspelled expired domains that are most likely to produce high-quality traffic.
3. Find every possible misspelled domain name based on highly search domain names.