Anywidget LLC was founded in 1995 by successful entrepreneur Rod Beckwith to create innovative new products and services to make consumerís lives easier, more enjoyable, and profitable.

About AnyWidget LLC founder - Mr. Rod Beckwith

Anywidget LLC was founded in 1995 by successful entrepreneur Rod Beckwith.

Mr. Rod Beckwith has over fifteen years engineering experience in Internet backbone and networking. Most recently, Mr. Beckwith served as Vice President of Technical Operations for the ISP Channel Inc., a division of Softnet (SOFN on NASDAQ). As Vice President of Technical Operations Mr. Beckwith was responsible for a staff of 50 engineers and technicians. During his tenure at the ISP Channel, Mr. Beckwith built and designed a Network Operations Center (NOC) and Data facility to accommodate 1 million customers for the company. Mr. Beckwith migrated the ISP Channel's infrastructure from an Ascend to Cisco Networks.

Mr. Beckwith was one of the early founding engineers at Netscape, having joined the company in 1994 as a Senior Network Engineer. In this position, Mr. Beckwith designed and implemented all of Netscape's internal as well as external networks.

Mr. Rod Beckwith was one of the founders of Internet Systems, Inc., an Internet Service Provider. Most recently Internet Systems, Inc., was acquired by Frontier Global, one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers, for $180 million.

Prior to starting Internet Systems Inc, Mr. Rod Beckwith was employed by Silicon Graphics where he designed and deployed much of Silicon Graphics modem and internal backbone and frame relay infrastructure. Earlier this decade, Mr. Beckwith was involved in a variety of successful Internet startups including:

  • SVP Engineering/Founder of Internet Systems, Inc. 1994-1996 Network company that was recently sold to Frontier for $180 million dollars.
  • Senior Network Engineer for Silicon Graphics 1992-1994 Designed and deployed much of Silicon Graphics modern internal backbone and frame relay network infrastructure. Designed and implemented Silicon Graphics first large scale ISDN telecommute program.
  • CTO, Virtual
  • VP of Operations,
  • VP of Network Infrastructure, Clear
  • Board of Directors, Inclose Design, Inc.
  • Board of Advisors,
  • Board of Advisors, Webevent, Inc.
  • Board of Advisors, nTown, Inc.
  • Board of Advisors, HotIM, Inc.

Since Rod Beckwith left the corporate world he has become known as a joint-venture expert and has published over a dozen successful information products. These include products ranging from Think and Grow Rich to software products designed to help online marketers increase their sales, save time, and make their lives easier.

Mr. Beckwith is also a partner of XyberWidget, LLC ( which creates tools for marketers and business owners to increase their online profits.