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CLickBank Accountant

22 - February - 2006

New Accounting Software For Clickbank Merchants and Affiliates
Arrives Just In Time For Tax Season.

As tax season approaches, a new accounting and management software developed for Clickbank merchants and affiliates is allowing them to start the New Year off right with sales, refund, and affiliate numbers available at a glance.

City, State – date – For the over 100,000 Clickbank merchants and affiliates there are fewer bookkeeping worries this tax season. A new software has just been released to manage and organize users’ business data (even with multiple accounts).

In the past, merchants and affiliates were forced to calculate all of their business information manually. If they had a significant amount of sales, then it was a chore to keep up.

Creator, Rod Beckwith says, “Now Merchants and Affiliates have the exact information they need to find-out where their business needs improvement and where they need to spend their time to bring in the most cash.”

The tool is called CB Accountant ( because it’s like owning a personal accountant to run a Clickbank business.

It makes users’ life easier by automating the many tasks they don’t get paid for. All of their sales, refund, and customer information is available at a glance.

This means that when tax time rolls around, all of their vital business information has already been calculated.

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